Best Virtual Phone Number Platform To Make Instagram Accounts

If you are an active user in Instagram, you might have encountered instances where people are using foreign numbers to create multiple accounts. the actual question is, how do they manage to get international numbers even without having a SIM?

Well, in case you are not aware, there are various websites on the internet that provide you with a real international number. Suppose you are someone living in Russia, you can still get a USA number starting with +1. In fact, there is nothing technical at all;


[] is a website that allows users to generate real phone numbers for free. These numbers can be used to protect the user’s privacy, particularly when verifying accounts on apps like WhatsApp. With LegitSMS, users simply need to visit the website, choose a country, and generate a phone number. The process is easy and completely free. LegitSMS offers numbers from various countries, including the US and UK, giving users the flexibility to choose the number that works best for them. Whether looking to verify a WhatsApp account or just protect personal information, LegitSMS is a valuable resource.