Best VPS for Twitter

So I have discussed this a little in my other thread around my M/S journey on Twitter but recently as I start to scale up I am having issues with the vps I was using.
This was with contabo and for whatever reason it started locking up on me and I was struggling to do basic tasks because of how slowly it was performing even though it was only using around half of the ram and cpu. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Though as I am learning that Twitter on Jarvee uses the EB and that uses a lot more cpu I need to get a strong vps that can handle the demand. :muscle:t2:

I have seen multiple suggestions and I did try one. That being server hosh and thus far have had a terrible experience with them and am trying to get refunded as we speak. some people seem to have had a good experience with them and I will let people know how this ends up going.

I have also seen people suggest hetzner with their auction section though I must admit am a little confused by what to look for and how that all works.

I am hoping there are others here who are running 100+ accounts that have a good working vps and can point me in the right direction. :sunglasses:

If anyone else has any good suggestions be sure to drop them below.

Thanks y’all!

Hyonix is what I use for Twitter. Very reliable. But of course it would depend on the number of your accounts and actions that they do at the same time. For 500 accounts, you might want to get the 16Vcore

Please forget about VPS’es. You need a dedicated server. Hetzner is nice. You can try to find a server at the auction. In the past I always chose a server with a i7-4770 CPU, 2 x 250 GB SSD (SSD is important) and 32 GB RAM. They are usually between $30-$35 a month.

You can check/compare CPU’s at Here you see that this CPU has a rating of 7022.
The site is difficult to search, but you can google i7-4770 cpubenchmark to find the CPU’s you want to check.

You can also rent a new server. I think this is now a better option. The last servers I ordered are AX41-NVME servers.
This one is a bit more expensive, and you pay setup costs. But the CPU has a rating of 17854
That is more than 2 times faster.


as far as the auction side of things goes how do I know if it has windows on it or is that an upgradable feature?

also what is the difference between a vps and a dedicated server?

You can get a licensed version from hetzner, but it is expensive. It is better to install it yourself, and get a key on ebay.

A dedicated server is just a server, you will get the complete server, and the performance depends on the specifications… A VPS is a part of a server. The hosting company divides the server, there are several VPS’es on 1 server. The performance of your VPS depends on many things and is often unpredictable. Often CPU’s are shared, what means that your VPS can get slowly if other people are using a lot of CPU power.


is that all that hard to do? seems like there is some pretty decent deals with the auction mixed with what you just suggested could really cut costs.