Best warm-up routine

I’ve tested a bunch of different methods to warm up my accounts for the follow and unfollow method, and this is the method that has worked the best for me:

Firstly, the accounts I’m using are aged Instagram accounts with an average age of 3 years (found it a lot harder to make fresh accounts ready for f/uf, even if they mobile 4g created)
Secondly, I’m using residential proxies.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the method:

Day 1
Import the accounts into Jarvee. It’s important to go to General software settings – Social Platforms – Instagram and enable the tool that activates delays when verifying multiple accounts at once.

Then let the accounts rest for 24 hours.

Day 2
I’ve found that the most effective tool for warming up the accounts is to use the story tool and the save posts tool. (Note: I’m using Global night mode)

I watch around 10 stories per operation and wait about 30 minutes between each operation. The story tool almost has no limit, but it’s always good to stay around max 200-250 story views per day. As for filters, none are needed, just use some big accounts like Disney or similar.

And I save around 1 posts per operation with a delay of around 60 minutes per operation and save max 3 posts per day. And again, no filters are needed, just use a big account as the source.

Day 3
Keep watching stories and saving posts. Now I change the information of the account (username, bio etc.) and upload a profile picture and two to three posts. I’ve experienced a lot fewer action blocks when the accounts have some posts.

Day 4
Now you can start using the follow tool. I’d recommend starting with 25-50 follows per day and increasing it daily with +15 (or +10 if you want to be safe) and start with 20 actions per hour and slowly work your way up to around 60 actions per hour.

Have all the tools running for about 2 weeks, then the accounts are ready to rock n’ roll.

Use the story viewer tool and the save post tool to look as “human” as possible. All of my recommended settings are only recommendations.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to tell me. I’m always learning :slight_smile:


saved for future testing thanks

first thanks for sharing this!
Now, my question: do you note a difference between exlusive posts or a repost? And you make them through API, EB or through your phone?

Right now I’m using the default Jarvee post from campaign (I think it’s through the API but I’m not sure) but that’s an interesting point if it makes a difference how you upload the posts. I’ll have to experiment with the different ways to upload


The best warm up routine is to act like a real fucking human being

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That’s the hard part :wink:

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I prefer to act like just like a human, the F* I don’t think it is necessary.



Deserved one.

200 stories per day is way too much, I would go with no more than 50 in the first day (but I don’t go more than 10) and increase. Even story viewing can trigger BANS if they’re done aggressively in the first day so I would be more carefully with that

I agree that 200 is a bit too much at the moment, seems like Instagram is even more strict than at the time of writing this in September.

I currently use they story tool to watch 100 stories per day and slowly increase it until I get to 200 per day

Pretty much spot-on. Good work!

I use a similar method. It works!

pay outsourcers $1-2hr. Have them track their actions per hour and try to replicate that in Jarvee.

Please don’t bump old threads like this. Thank you.

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