Best way to Auto DM after the blockwave?

Hello there guys, hope everyone is doing great. I have question about using automatic DM’s on instagram to generate leads. Is anyone actively using this right now for their own business? I’m planning on sending about 100 - 150 DM’s per dag once i’ve warmed up my account. Are there any specific things that I really should pay attention to?

Syntax strategies?
Good conversion tactics in DM?
Best practices?

Any info you guys have found out in this current ig landscape is welcome if u feel like sharing it.

Thanks in advance!


100-150 dms a day is way too much, i would definitely avoid doing that number.

use spintax via brackets { } such as {Hi| Hello| Whatsup} so that you have a lot of variations ready.

Best practice from my experience would be… avoid spammy/annoying messages such as
“Hello @username, here is 10% insta-discount”

be creative, play around :slight_smile:


okay thanks, what do u think is the max for DM’s ?
I was planning on providing value on the specific IG user and then ask if they are interested before i offer free trial. I don’t want to be sending unsolicited links in the DM ( too much)

ive heard some people say round 50 a day is safe

we do 20 for our clients, that 600 a month and they are getting great results, its just like with everything in this game… quality > quantity just like doing 600 Follows a day with 0.05 Follow-back-ratio vs. 150 follows a day with 0.4 Follow-back-ratio.


For me 50 DMs is max You can do per day, otherwise you can get easly blocked by IG

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Thanks andrejo! I’ll warm it up to 50 and try from there. Your absolutely right, i’m putting all my effort in filtering my target accounts carefully so i’ll have a beter CTR on my free trial.

50 it is, i’ll keep it at that. Thanks!

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you are sending those to followers, right?

Yes also, and after that i plan on cold DMing

I wouldnt do cold DMing, just my 2 cents.

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The reason i want to try it is because the service i offer is very specific and niche so after a good filtering process i want to contact these accounts as cold leads, Wouldn’t really wanna mess with cold DMing in any other circumstance tbh.

Do you have some insights of experience with that ?

Before the updates, I was doing about 20 to 40 DMs max. 40 was pushing it and accounts were banned quicker, so I stayed on the low end for future.

Make sure to use a good spintax. Also gold nugget tip for more variations: Use different emojis in your spintax for a lot more variations immediately.

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Thanks Mugiwara ! great tip

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I am gonna persevere, find the secrets of the One Piece and become the new King of Instagram Automation


50 DMs a day sounds too aggressive, you should start to test the waters.

And for a good spintax check the article below


Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I have not been doing any automated DMs since the wave block.
DMs are done with API and it is too risky for me right now.
I am doing everything through EB

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I have moved away from automation completely but wanted to get a DM tool for outreach for leads. Do you know of anything that’s still functioning and not causing “your account was compromised”?

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Random between 20-50 with FULL SPINTAX

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Also dont go too fast with them as they might get suspended. Other than that keep it below 50.

There are ways to possibly bypass it a little over 50 WITH cold DM’ing but that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself