Best way to backup files

Hey guys, so I am looking best way to automatically save files. I need something that can save everything that I do on my desktop (or whole C disk). So for example when I download something on C disk, I want that to be saved automatically on let’s say portable hard drive or some online storage cloud. I want everything to be saved from downloading to editing files and etc. Is that possible? Before I didn’t have that much files that I needed to use so I copy paste them once a day on USB, but now I work with much more different files so I need it to be saved automatically. What’s the best way to do this?


For my personal devices (mainly computers) I use GoodSync (paid). There are a lot of options regarding where (local, cloud, FTP, etc) and how (sync, backup, etc) to backup.

For our Windows Jarvee servers, we use Duplicati (free). Also does a great job but has a little less finetuning. Both tools should get the job done. Maybe give Duplicati a try first, since it’s a free tool.

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The feature you are looking for is Sync.Cloud Storages like Google Drive and Mega has this feature to sync(auto-backup) the drives,Even Microsoft Onedrive provides this feature.

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Looks good, so for example can I just choose this folder radna površina is - “desktop files” can you just choose this folder on GoodSync, so he just copy files that are saved and edited there?

Yeah. You can either set intervals by time or after file changes.

Perfect, thanks

You can use GoodSync’s free version for evaluating if it does the job you want it to do. Its only limitation is 100 files per job.

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