Best way to buy followers?

Hi guys,

I want to buy 10k followers on four of my accounts but dont know if that is a good thing. In the have been banned after a few weeks and I suspect its from the fast followers added to my account.

What is ur advice on this situation?

Nothing positive comes out of buying fake followers. 50 real engaging followers are better than 1,000 fake followers. Save your money.


don’t waste your money with fake followers

At the moment they are disappearing as fast as you can buy them.


Best you can do is set up a m/s slave network and exchange likes and followers between them. Makes them useful twice. And no drop off considering they are staying alive

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Don’t waste money on that.

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worst thing to do for your engagement rate

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It’s only beneficial for first time social proof, after that leave it out and do it in a proper way

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preach preach preach

do, not, buy followers

If you know how to make money from fake followers then buy them, if you don’t, then it’s waste of money. Simple as that

I dont really care about engagment tbh, but want more social proof. But dont want to get my account blocked because I am getting a huge amoung of followers at once

Buying followers is the best method to destroy your account!!!
You should not buy fake followers. No real account is there to be bought !!

If you have many followers, but they do not interact with your posts and stories, then you may have a shadow penalty.
You posts will not shown to your followers. you will not go to feed. your account will be a useless one with just lots of followers and nothing more.

So you have to manage your page in a way to make others enjoy following you.