Best way to clone the IG app with iPhone?

What is the best current app or best way to clone the Instagram app on an iphone?
It is possible to do without jailbreaking?
I want add more than 5 IG accounts on my iphone.
Thanks for any advice!

If you have a jailbreak you could install the unlimapps tweak Instagram++
But I do caution you on how you use it as others had problems with it.
I currently have over 10 accounts on the app no problem with the tweak.

For non-jailbreak, you could sideload the app with the tweak installed.
I never did this so I caution on it as stated above.
A quick google search can show you how to do that.

Not sure about cloning the app though.
Following if anyone else has information on that.
Iā€™d like to test that out on a different iOS device.


As above mentioned or:

Use a shared password for 5 accounts
And another one for another 5 accounts.

That way you will have two accounts to login (in login screen) and 5 active when you log into one.


Did not get it.
Would you explain please?