Best way to do Phone Verification from Canada?

I know a lot of people here are using cheap sim cards, but they seem to be mainly available in Europe. Does anyone know of a good North American alternative? I’m currently in Canada so if anyone can chime in with some ideas, I would appreciate it.


We have someone selling sim cards on the forum, see if they are working in Canada as well: [BUY] Real Sim Cards to Verify your Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter accounts

Thanks! I seems expensive though, $5 for the sim, $4 for the delivery = $9 per sim does not seem feasible in the long run.

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I see, I hope there are some other Canadian users here who knows a cheaper service or solution.

that’s if you get 1 sim, if you get 10 of them, delivery is still $4 i think :slight_smile:

True… but still on the expensive side of things. There must be a cheaper way. The people with 100s of accounts are not getting them PVAed with $5 sim cards :slight_smile:

Sure there are, smspva for example, costs like 20-30 cents for a phone verify, however it costs that much every time you need it and you won’t be able to keep the same number, you will get a new one each time. With a sim card you can keep the same number fo 6-12 months and verify it as much as you need.

I’m not saying go for those, there might be other sims around as well, some cheaper some more expensive, the idea is that it’s generally better to have sims and have access to the same number for a longer period of time and as many times as you need to.

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