Best way to find legit accounts to contact for shoutouts?

How do you actually search for these accounts? Are there best practices, is it literally just hashtag nonsense hit-or-miss sort of stuff?

I have money to spend, willing to pay good, real accounts who have quality engagement. The shoutouts I’d be buying aren’t spammy or crappy or low quality (from my side I mean).

Is there some database or network out there of “good” pages or accounts doing shoutouts?

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There are sites like Hype Auditor that help with this, but it’s likely not the best resource, although maybe it is these days?

hey @ian, have you tried this site or you just heard about it? I was wondering if something like this exists…

I never use shoutcart service, buy maybe you can find some good influencer accounts on their site: and get cheaper price if you contact the accounts’ owners by DM directly.

I tried the free version to look for source accounts but the results weren’t that useful for my niche, not sure if it’s any better for the paid stuff.

I don’t think there is any difference on the people on the site - paying just allows you to see more details and to contact them.

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I think the only way to go is to do it manually by checking their profile, the engagement on their profile and their actual engagement with other accounts.

the best way is to contact the accounts that you are interested in directly and see what they have to say of course you need to check the account manually see the engagement, followers, and all that then try to explain your need to them in a dm and see how it goes.

Like @luca said, a great way is to contact them directly and see if they are interested to collaborate with you and on what terms. However, again, you need to do some research to find legit accounts and to make sure that they will respect your agreement, or at least to know more about them and how they deal with their clients. :slight_smile: