Best way to grow 1 personal account

I have been using a service that watches story’s and makes actions to sliders and pol votes it’s helped my account grow and get some good interaction lately but last 2 days it’s been really really really slow and doesn’t seem to be working as smooth saying it’s to reached api limits. Is this the case with all automation ? I have been thinking about getting jarve but I don’t really know what I’m doing with it isit worth getting it now or have I missed the boat? Or are they any other or better services to help grow my personal account ?

More and more people use these mass voting/poll softwares, and it got oversaturated already. Normal users already understood, for many of them, that it’s only botting. So yeah, doesn’t work that much.

  • You can use JV if you don’t plan on growing tons of accounts. But you should expect blocks, so be ready to put some learning curve on it.

  • You can also use manual methods. Works wonder for some, not really for other ones. The learning curve is more easy tho.

  • You can build your own script, but even more tricky. It can work like a charm tho !

Anyway : you need to think outside the box :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for your reply and input. What is the best manual way follow and unfollow? Is this the best and only Way in 2020.

I’ll be writing a small guide on how I do it later today. I’ll make sure to tag you once it’s done.

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Ok great make sure to tag me bud

Thanks :slight_smile: