Best way to grow after stoping F/UF?

So i got up to 3.5k followers and now i am starting to unfollow all the people i followed. So what is now the best way to grow?
Will my followers grow slower now?
Im doing everything mannualy by the way.


You can continue with the same method until you hit 10K. Or you can switch to other methods:

  • M/C method
  • Posting good content with good targeted hashtags
  • Posting to Reels
  • Likes and Comments

Why did you stop doing f/u at 3.5k followers? I think it’s better to stop when your account is big enough/when it has 20k-30k followers. Since you’re doing everything manually, the risk of getting banned is quite low as long as you don’t follow too many people per day and you continue making the account look natural by doing other random actions like a real IG user.

It depends on your contents. It’s also possible that you will keep losing your followers if your followers don’t like your contents.

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Continue with the f/u strategy till your source works for this pourposes.

When you notice some slow down at gain followers (at least for a week or two), change the account source, by serach and filter the best one for this account.

You have to filter more by engagement ratio, this require more scraper getting delayed but its the only way to push a old account to grown more.

Keep in mind the account must continue to post great account and frequently.


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I don’t think you should stop F/UN since it gives you good results you can keep using it until you reach at least 15k with good reach and engagement then you can switch/add other methods that Abdel above shared.

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Yeah, it is best to continue with the F/U strategy but also integrate other strategies that would increase your engagements.

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Create several accounts.

You reach 10K+ followers on the accounts all within desired niches.

You start shoutouts in between your profiles.

Thank me later.