Best way to grow IG account? Do these even work anymore?

do services like this work anymore? i think its called M/S ??

let me know -

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Mass DM’s work but thats just it. Mass DM’S not M/S most of the times.
Because these Services use a large amount of Accounts i do not believe that they are custom made to look exactly like you want them to but rather generated in a certain way.

M/S is also (maybe better so) referred to as M/C = Mother / Child Method
The “Mother” Account being your “Main” Account and the “Child” Accounts being the Accounts that will be automated and bring traffic to your Main.

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awesome can you recommend to me an amount of Dm’s you’d recommend?


For Jarvee starters, we recommend starting with 15 - 20 DMs per day, then you can gradually increase that number.

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