Best way to monetize a bunch of quality original videos

I have a friend that runs a hulahoop school in New Zealand. She’s a gorgeous Scottish lady and has lots of charisma. She has around 30 videos of her teaching people how to hulahoop and my question is, what’s the best way to monetize her videos? She will be creating more videos in the future.

Thanks in advance


Facebook or Instagram? She can make GaryVee style videos + create motivational quotes. Monetize by selling an ebook for either motivation or hulahoop techniques. She can also create a course where he will teach people for a price. Possibilieties are endless

  1. Promoting her school in the local area.
  2. Promoting her hula hoop store with accessories/ supplements/ diet plans.
  3. Membership site with small monthly fee/ paid course how to hula hoo.
  4. Paid partnership with fitness brands/ selling this content.

What about youtube adsense? I have seen hula hoop videos where the girls show cleavage while hula hooping and they get insane views.

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insightful pow - she actually is a life coach too - she has facebook and insagram, the accounts just hasn’t been monetized fully yet


yes Ben, I think youtube adsense is a great idea for this. Will get onto this…


@PierreDOlain I’ll look into these. not sure if she is promoting products yet but that’s for sure a good avenue to pursue. thanks!

her site is