Best way to monetize medical pages?

I run several Insta pages that feature dental and cosmetic medical procedures. I have around 4-5 pages ranging from 20K - 130K followers each. I have around 7-19% engagement on these pages with around 3-5 million impressions per page per week.

So far the only way I’m getting money is by doing paid shoutouts. What is a better way to monetize this?

Most of my audience are women ages 18-34 interested in looking glamorous and beautiful and big lips type of stuff. Is there a way to maybe sell like lipstick or makeup stuff through drop shipping or affiliate programs?
I don’t have good action on my stories, only around 5-10K views but only like 100 clicks, so amazon referral doesn’t make money for me and It’s just too little. Would appreciate the advice especially since i’m currently not working and need a serious source of income desperately, thanks!!

Have you considered affiliate marketing? Or simply creating your own e-commerce website and do some reselling or dropshipping of cosmetics items.

You’re in an insanely profitable niche!

Use the pages as leverage and reach out to dentists, and cosmetic businesses offering growth services or FB ads.

My agency’s doing ~20k/month from ONLY growing lash, eyebrow, and hair salon IG pages.

Niches lead to riches.

Thanks! I tried amazon referral once but I didn’t market it very well because I was afraid of seeming like my page “sold out” and didn’t want to lose engagement, so it didn’t go well.

I’ve recently been thinking about starting my own Shopify store yes, is it possible to start a cosmetics store on shopify?

i was thinking about some clothes or something using printify because I want to do something on-demand and maybe people will be skeptical to buy something like makeup or skin-care that they will use on their skin from an unknown internet drop shipping?

That’s incredible congratulations.
I have been reaching out to dentists and cosmetic businesses but only offering shoutouts, not doing much on that around 1k per month only.

I do agree that this niche is very profitable and the business owners have a good marketing budget, do you mind if I message you to ask for some guidance about something real quick? I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

yea no worries. ask me anything

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