Best Way to outsource content creation/graphic design?

So I’m looking for a process/method to outsource content creation/graphic designs for my pages moving forward.

Does anyone have effective processes they can share for outsourcing content creation and/or graphic design??

I’d like the content to be high quality because at the end of the day content is everything!

If its regarding graphic and designing, I can do it myself. message me if interested

You can check our design service:

Link says I don’t have access yet :confused:

@JBsocial you can find something decent on Upwork

I’ve looked man, but most of the designers I heard back from were subpar or just didn’t really fit the aesthetic i’m going for

What about Fiverr Pro? I know that regular Fiverr is even worse than Upwork but FIverr Pro seems more serious.

There was also one more specifically with freelance designers but honestly I can’t remember the name.

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Good tip I’ll check out pro

Whats your budget?

PM me…

I’ve designed for well over 14 years. Feel free to message me with a weekly rate. Here’s my portfolio from 2017 and 2018.

Go on fiverr or upwork and hire a designer after an interviewing several.
Create a video/text brief, moodboard, etc in a google drive and waahla.

Found this “social content creator” off of upwork, $1 a post lol creates dope ass content for local biz

If your looking for next level design…search hashtags on instagram, that’s where you will find the really talented ones imo.

Coming out with some new shit for my clothing brand and found this kid from Indonasia who hooks me up w/designs for a full tee design for $70 which is a joke. Some will charge ya out the ass but find the ones who are on the comeup and you’ll get deals and steals like I did.