Best Way to Phone Verify Accounts?


I need a good Service for PV my Instagram Accounts, Since Textplus. Nextplus does not work anymore, im looking for an alternative.

I DONT want to buy real SIM cards, because i dont have a second phone.

Is there any alternative, where i can buy a private number, to PV my instagram, a service that is not banned by instagram?
Im looking for a service, where i can buy a Phone number, that is only used by me (for example, the app hushed) are there anymoe like that? Should be not so expensive and it should be available as app for iOS:

Thanks in Advance for any help.

That way will not last long, Instagram will catch it soon. The best way is buy the real sim card (even just for verification) :slight_smile:

Just pop the SIM card in the phone you have until they call or text you?

Best way is to buy sims, with unlocked phone. Just do it through that.