Best Way To Post on Instagram With JV?

I have been out of the ame for a long time since the first algorithm change i basically deleted my business. I have a non instaram business that id like to start an insta fom. I want to use JV Purely for scheduling posts is this still viable? Should i do this using the embedded browser or api? Or will posting at all via JV Ruin the accounts trust score. (if this is even still a thing) Appreciate your help and hope answers help others as well.

I also want to know this, Atm I have checked “USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER”, but nothing get posted then…

Yes you can still post using Jarvee and it’s working perfectly fine, Jarvee simulates the normal user actions so it will seem just like you are posting from your Phone.

You can use the API to post just make sure to have 2-3 account per proxy max and start posting 1-2 times per day then work your way up.

You must be trying to publish the post to Stories or publish an album/video to Wall. Those can’t be done using the embedded browser. The post will show In progress status in History tab, then it will eventually time out. To make it work, you have to uncheck “USE ONLY THE EB”, or change your setting to only post to wall, and make sure your post only has a single image.

I have checked on “Only repost” = images, the post in wall and story I don’t use.

But would it be safe to run through API if I’m only reposting? Since EB clearly won’t work for me atm