Best way to sell instagram services?

Got someone i know that has all the setups etc but doesn’t know where to find buyers or what to do in order to get them.

He’as able to do Instagram followers, Real & bots, As well as Likes etc.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on where to go or find a potential site that could help?


You’re looking at it bud


How, right here? They allow it?? Lol didn’t know that…

He means that there is information here that can help you learn methods. Although instagram services are becoming saturated so you have to be creative and stand out to find clients.


best way is to build a network in your city.
People don’t trust spammy ads when it’s time to give you password.
(except dummies but in that case you are not charging high price)
If they know you or by word of mouth they will feel safe and the job is done

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This is absolute nonsense, people will give you their passwords, even of you do cold emails, i have had hundreds of clients and there are people here with even more then that, so next time you don’t know the answer keep your misinformation to yourself…


What kind of services you may provide

what the actual hell, that guy genuinely gave you a good advice, way to go with that attitude brother.


No, he did not!

He is telling nonsense that people won’t trust you with their password which is borderline false, and i really don’t care what you think about my attitude, how about that?

@ i manage IG accounts for local businesses so i know first hand that people will give you their login info.


can i have your instagram access please?

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No, i don’t need your services…


Alright bro, i’ll read around here then.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to get their password, my friend has a way to give people followers through his techniques and methods.

He’s selling services for IG followers, not trying to grow IG’s if that’s what you mean but he does have a monthly subscription tho.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You mean fake followers?

Message me his details, I can get him work