Best way to send bulk emails

I’m new to email marketing. May I know what is the best way and cheap way send bulk emails?

If you have your own list of emails, and a website with email, then send them. If you just have emails, but nothing else, use the email addresses to make a Facebook audience, and run an ad to them. If you don’t have emails, but have an offer, then try something like TrafficHaus.


You could use your own platform, get a bulk email platform from Themeforest and set it up on your own domain. Then either use Smtp or Amazon SES to send the bulk emails, will cost you next to nothing.

Can I create a lot of yahoo/hotmail then send email using proxies?

You could but that seems like alot of work, when there are easier ways like creating your own bulk email service.

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How to setup the smtp server? Any tutorial on this?

Check out it was quite easy to setup and install, and i send bulk email on my own server with that now

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Is the Inbox rate high?

Sorry what do you mean by that?

The rate of emails go into Inbox instead of Spam folder.

Well thats built on trust and opting in, i didnt have that many bounces and spam when i set it up years ago, but im not too sure now

Also make sure that your emails have the right text to image ratio, dont make your emails too large. Have 60% text and 40% images. That will also help prevent spam, also dont embed images, rather let them download from Amazon S3. Usually your spam rate will be low at first, but the more people complain about spam with you IP the more your emails will land up in spam, thats when you change your IP or Switch to another server. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info…

Need also
please help me

Hi Ryan

I also need. Can you set it up for me please. Or you can send me the exact link to purchase from themeforest

Sorry its not from Themeforest, you can buy it as a one time fee from Oh and im in no way affiliated by them :blush:

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About to test it with an e-commerce.