Best way to set up a monthly payment plan

Hello, I was wondering if you guys had some tips on the best way to set up a monthly payment plan for clients (Paypal, check, etc).

PayPal is the best for this. Also the most trusted by people.

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Stripe through is the easiest/most professional way in my opinion and experience. Also allows you a lot of flexibility

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PayPal recurring payments 100%

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Depends on what you’re selling. Paypal and Stripe have clauses in their TOS you should read carefully and think if what your selling could come even close to violating it. If so, they could shut your account down and leave you scrambling to get clients to sign up again under a different provider. ALSO, both of these providers take fees on each purchase, a set price per transaction and then a percentage usually, which can really add up. Last year they took $13k in fees from me. GAH.

I’ve moved to manually invoicing people with a provider like or (you can setup recurring invoices too so YOU don’t have to think about sending them out… just making sure the client has paid) with communicating to the client there are strict rules around late payments and fees for each additional day they are late on the payment. Be serious and send an invoice for each day they are late. If they think your service is worthwhile, they will make sure to pay it again and on time. I’d recommend this if your service is costly and/or could borderline break the TOS as you will avoid risk of being shut down and also avoid the fees.

If you have many transactions for small amounts, paying $.10 plus 2.3% PER transaction adds up (or whatever the fees are for Paypal and Stripe). So for an $8 transaction over and over at $.10 alone per transaction. think about the volume and numbers and what would be right for your own business and needs.

EDIT: I use Venmo, Zelle or Cash app if in the US. If not, search for other similar providers.