Best way to use 15k follower account to grow a new account in different niche?

Hey guys, I have an aged 15k account and want to use it and grow new account, what is the best way?

  • posts and tag the new account?
  • put the new account in the aged profile bio?
  • anything else?

Important note is that the two accounts are in different niches so I don’t want it to look too spammy.

Pretty much those things, beyond DM spam. What you mentioned are the tried and true methods, but I wouldn’t expect much follow through with a totally different type of account, maybe a couple who happen to share similar interests.

15K is not a big number per se. You could easily just change niche on current aged account slowly and start from there.

15K shoutouts wont give you much to be honest.

Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback and I agree there is nothing much to do… The aged account gets good hashtag reach and I will keep it growing on its own.

Will grow the new account organically. Speaking of that, anyone had issues with engagement groups/pods? When I post with the new account and well researched hashtags it gets a decent organic reach and likes… the moment I get the new fresh post in an engagement wave the organic reach drops to zero.

Anyone with a take on that? My take is just IG AI is smart enough. Maybe I should split it into two posts.