Best ways to automate IG posting?

Hello what are the best ways to automate posting on my IG accounts? Any way to set and forget? I have the repost module but I’m bit worried to make posts with same description and so on… let me known


i’m intrested by this to

You can use a complex spintax in the Post Caption Text for your repost in Repost Settings
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Nothing automatic will ever be 100% perfect, unless maybe we invent artificial intelligence :smiley:

I’d suggest you use the repost module, extract enough posts to last 2-3 months and re-do this every time you run out of posts. This way you can look through the posts it extracted and make sure everything is ok.

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Try or Gramblr :slight_smile:

I just created a post about how I automate my content posting, might be of help to you!

Thx a lot to all I have a lot to read tonight :slight_smile:

If you do the repost thing, have a filter set to a # of likes.
So example, repost only if a photo has >2000 likes of a speciric hashtag

Is there any guide to do that in a fast way? I imagine doing that for 60 accounts :exploding_head: