Best ways to monetize a Facebook group with 25,000 members?

I have a FB group with around 25,000 (real) members in the music niche (mainly consists of music artists and rappers) and was wondering what are the best ways to take advantage of it and monetize it.

I’d mainly like to use the group to drive more traffic to my music website where i sell instrumentals to artists and rappers as well as various services such as mixing/mastering, lyric videos, web design etc.

What i’m currently doing is i have a group banner/cover and a pinned post at the top of the group promoting my instrumentals and services and i’m also sending a welcome msg to new members with a link to my website and services as well.

I think another thing would be trying to interact as an admin with the group more to build a better relationship with the members. Currently it seems that most of the members mainly visit the group to post and promote their own songs and don’t interact with the other members so much - how can i change that?

Does anyone have any more suggestions or ideas of what else i could do with the group for even better results or other ways to monetize it?

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  • charge a small fee to pin members’ posts
  • post some useful content (maybe reviews) about the things you sell on your site (linking to the site, of course)

put out great free content and get the group engaged because facebook is testing a subscription group button where users can pay a subscription fee and they keep 30% but initially will help you boost your group and get users

id say get producers to post their music royalty free and let people make rap battles and do a gfit card giveaway or some music software get them engaged because theres plenty of ways to monetize it


I’d say a fee would work well but that can also ruin the whole group the best method is still driving traffic to your website or your music and you monetize your website with ads .

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Thanks for the replies so far. Any more suggestions anyone?
Do you think i should add mandatory questions when someone asks to join the group?
And i could promote my services etc or add a link to my email list sign up form in there?
Or do you think that adding the questions might lower the amount of member requests cause it adds an extra step and many users may decide not to join the group at all cause of that?

Do you think Facebook reach is still alive on groups ? Bcs for pages…

as I noticed, Facebook groups became the new Facebook pages. On my personal account I like more pages than groups, however, my newsfeed is full of group posts.

I just joined some groups for marketing purposes and one of them asked me to like a facebook page, subscribe to a youtube channel and give the username i subscribed with, and watch one of the videos on the channel to answer some other questions in the 3rd one. Because I really wanted to join the group, guess what I did?

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That’s a good point but in the music niche there are a lot of groups to choose from that are quite similar in what they offer (it’s mostly just artists promoting/spamming their own music and not really providing much value besides that) so i’m worried that users will simply choose to join other groups instead that don’t require any extra steps before joining.

But maybe if i could add to the questions something of actual value that they can’t refuse eg some free instrumentals (i could ask them to sign up to my email list to receive their freebie) that might actually work - what do you think?

create an youtube channel, bro. post their work there for free. group will get bigger and you can monetize the youtube channel. whoever is in your fb group can post for free. people outside the group give you a small fee to post their songs.

I’m pretty sure there would be issues with Youtube’s content id and copyrights etc if i did that.
Also from my experience it would probably take a lot of time to grow the channel to the point that it would be enticing for artists to want to submit their songs there (would need to have a lot of subscribers first).

I think i’ll try adding a few mandatory (but easy) questions when they sign up and from there send them to sign up to my list in exchange for some free instrumentals and i have also set up a funnel after that where they can buy my instrumentals and other services etc. Do you think something like that would work?

You have 25k group members…

Let’s say the average number of followers they have on instagram + facebook is about 2k. You’ve got 50k potential subscribers. You make rules in the group. “You want your song on Youtube? Share the channel and let’s make you big” The approach should be about them not about you :smiley:

Also, if at least 10% of them are posting content almost once a week, you still have one year of content guaranteed at least.

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So you mean i would ask them to send me their music videos and i’d then upload their videos to my own (group’s) youtube channel and put ads to it?
I don’t think that would work cause most artists have their own youtube channels already where they upload their music so if i tried to reupload the same videos i wouldn’t be able to monetize most of them cause of youtube’s content id system or i might even get copyright strikes (from their label or music distributors etc) and get my channel deleted sooner or later.
Only thing i might be able to do without such issues would be to just create playlists on the channel and add their music videos there but not sure how i could monetize that and if it would really be worth it.

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no, sir. you don’t monetize the people you already have, but you take advantage of them and build your own brand. whoever comes from outside pays and you own the rights on your channel. make a nice landing page where they submit work and start building. it’s an idea. you can think about it or do it. either way it’s your choice.

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Ok i see, but even those that come from outside will also have their own youtube channels but i guess if the channel is not monetized with ads but instead they have to pay a fee to be featured on the channel i guess this way it could work.

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Think about it. You make it to 50k subs and then one person a day wants to put his work on your channel. You charge them 20 dollars each or 40. Multiply by 30 days. It’s some easy money.

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Yea but i think even if reach is still good on groups it’s just because Facebook page organic is pretty much non existent so we think whem we see groups on our newsfeed that it have a better reach but if you see their engagement you will know that even groups have problems best thing to do i think is to forget about growth for engagement purpose and focus only on growth to sell as it’s the only thing that i see is still reliable on this platform

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sell the group😂


I’ve seen more posts with over 2k reactions from groups than posts with 2k reactions from pages. You probably saw as well. Try to ask other people about this and if it’s true more groups are showing up than pages, then you know what to do. my 2 cents.