Best Youtube SEO strategy?

I found some service online said they can promote my video orgnaically through:
iframe embedding, web 2,0, niche related playlists, promotion campaignes, suggested and realted videos.

And they garantee results, i.e. more views and subscribers in a week

Although they said it is organic, i feel like if anyone can gauranteen resuts, it must be bots views and subscirbers, which i dont want… Has anyone tried a service like this before? Is it safe? Does it help long term?

I heard SEO is the best way for quick growth on youtube, is there any best resources anyone can recommend? Or any shortcut that can help with growth? Thanks

Hey I suggest don’t go for their services as most of them are resellers, so they will charge high and have no guarantee of what they display.

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So how yo do it by ourselves please