Better to start follow tool mid day than morning?

I currently have the follow tool start at 7am but someone recommended starting it around noon as no one is checking Instagram early in the morning.

Curious what peoples experience with this is. Has anyone noticed a significant difference based on the time of day the follow tool starts doing its thing?

Switch one of your profiles from your focus niche to a business profile. From there you get statistics when people are actually on your profile (shows you week days and time). This way you avoid guess work.

Other approach is to try different times within different accs in the same niche. After a week you can compare the growth rate (but requires similar content and similar acc profiles).


In my opinion that recommendation is based on a lack of knowledge.
Yes there are more people checking their phones after 6pm, but you still see a decent amount checking around 6-7 am and around lunch hours. So why not reserve your actions for the hours most are active? Some ask.

The average person scrolls about 90 meters of posts per day, which means at the end of the day you’ve already seen thousands of posts and given out a bunch of likes, in turn making you less likely to engage. So if you can be the first thing people see in the morning, when they feel fresh and less tired, the chance they will follow back is probably higher than before they go to bed.

The mood people are in can be used in several ways. Early in the morning people usually check IG and social media while heading to work, so they’re looking for simple entertainment, not long form articles and videos. When people come home from work and are ready to relax, they’re more likely to watch that long video than when they’re heading to work, but simply following someone? It’s quick and requires very little time and energy from them.


Very interesting point of view! Implementing some psychology, not bad!
Will try out as you adviced!
Bookmarked your post haha

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Thank you! Now this is all a theory and I might be completely wrong for all I know. So if you find some interesting results from trying it out, please do share!

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Two years ago I did a test for this very question. 1/3 did early morning 3:00 a.m , another at 9:am and last 3rds at 12 noon. About 1k follows each time period. --back then ya could even with highproxies. There was a slight higher return first one at 3:00 am and did not really make a difference. However the age groups were vastly different … 2nd and third shift were older in age if I remember correctly …i figured because of business and younger ones are on it more and at different times of the day.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Many tend to forget that it’s not only the content that should be different from age groups, they also use the platforms in different ways, speed, etc.

I am definitely seeing more follow back in the late evenings, lunchtime, and 7-8am. Sure this is totally down to my targetted fashion niche.
It makes sense that if you are at the top of the notifications list you will get more attention so a strategy to land just before those times would probably have an impact, just like posting.
Of course, it is only going to be relevant if you are tightly focused on one or two time zones.

Other accounts are global and the timing doesn’t seem to matter at all.

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I think if you want diverse audiences you should run it throughout the day. If you want something extremely targeted than doing it for a set amount of time might be better.