Beware of Wolf Global

I want to warn people about specific services Wolf Global offers. The ones I am warning about are the only ones I am warning about. Wolf Global claims they offer real US based followers which is done over several days through campaigning. A quick look at the followers and you will know that they are only high quality fake followers. I personally called them out about this and then they claimed that their team sat together and insisted the followers were real. They were not even cooperating in showing me the campaigns that were made or anything else. This is a massive disappointment considering it cost $500. They also make a claim that the followers will engage based on the content. To prove my point, I have received 0 engagement from these followers. No story view, no comments, no likes to date. This is not an exaggeration. They made a claim that my content needs to be engaging too. Have a look at my instagram @nadia_omnia and tell me that their claims are valid. Any likes, comments you see are not from their followers. I monitored it very closely.

Now for the second issue with them. They sell bot followers and promise to maintain the followers even if they drop. I kid you not, I was losing them so fast and it was never maintained. I messaged them about this and never received a response.

My point here is not to bash anyone but I would not want anyone to spend the amount I have spent and not get what you paid for. Anyone have any experience similar? Any companies that are actually good with organic followers?

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Real organic followers come through different way:

  • Content + hashtag strategy + you can add powerlikes on this
  • M/S Method
  • F/UF etc. even if now it’s more harder
  • Paid Ads
  • Giveaway - Shoutout
  • Masspoll

Other than that it’s bot looking like real users or hacked accounts.

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Thanks for this information. I am actually familiar with this, but I assumed when paying such an amount, they would be doing some sort of shoutout or ads to their platform. Unfortunately not.

If you’re interested in giveaways with real followers, then feel free to contact @matusm1

Wolfglobal hasn’t exactly had the best rep in the past, so not entirely surprised.

Also some cheap giveaways will give shit followers too, so its possible they are real and it’s some Arab giveaway. JAP does those.


organic followers and powerlikes in one sentence

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For 500, how many followers they promised to you ?

If you’re not getting shoutouts, shares, reposts, etc. that would directly impact your exposure.
Or any kind of engagement from bigger pages that might influence the algorithm in your favor.
Stop paying for growth.
Giveaways with multiple slots are also terrible. Let’s stop bringing those up.

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@Nadia_Saleh 5000 U.S followers for $500 ? Why did you think that was such a good idea? No one here can deliver U.S only followers for 10cents consistently over prolonged period of time.

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People are gaining real followers by doing fake giveaways. Since Instagram is playing with Influencers so they are playing with followers by doing fake giveaways. So fake it till you make it. :wink:

approximately 5k

My assumption was that they have a targeted page where they have built their audience and they are mainly from the US from their analysis and they would do a shoutout or give away. My problem is clearly that I assumed.

I clearly state she can add them on top of that and not that it’s organic method.

All of those Instagram services are broken…