BH niches earnings dropped since IG update?

Last 2 days I personally got some awful earnings with BH niches on IG after they did an update , I would like to know if I am the only one that suffers .

Did number of clicks dropped a lot? How many in %?
Why do you think their update caused this?
Have you checked all your links, do they work?

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I know why my earnings dropped , it is because i changed from users who liked/commented the pages lastest posts to followers of that page . I got better clicks but lower CR . All the links are working everything is fine .
I was just curious about how other users reacted to this new IG update.

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Why have you changed it?
They show 1000 likers for posts, if you have enough target accounts in sources, 20-30, and assuming those are big accounts that get a lot of likes and comments, there should be enough users to follow.

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I changed it because I have 1 account for 1 niche and the niches only got about 10-30k followers and about 2-5k likes and max 500 comments . Accounts posting once , twice per month .

OGADS : ** Low CVR Issue Updates - Lately many publishers have voiced their concerns about having abnormally low CVR. We have finally found the cause and implemented a fix. Here is what happened…

Instagram updated their android app on March 8th This is right when we started to hear complaints about low CVR. In this new Instagram update they updated their internal browser. This new browser update broke app links that redirect to the play store. This means that a user would click on the offer, register as a click in your stats, but never be redirected to the app because of Instagrams new browser. This only happens when an app link is opened in a new tab (EX: target=”_blank”). Once we found out that this was the specific problem (thanks Ama) we edited all of our mobile locker themes to not open offers in new tab. All mobile themes have been tested and all android app links now redirect properly on Instagrams new browser.

This could also have affected other traffic sources like Facebook who could have adopted a similar browser update.**

There is also a big topic on BHW about this.