Big cloaker problem!

I used to make my cloaker link directly to the users but now there is a problem i do :
website----cloaker link------landingpage

On the website i bought only the domain and i forward it to cloaker link and what happen is i get error of 502 network when i contacted support of godaddy they told me maybe because it’s your connection it was false bcs i got message from people that were seeing this error i loose sooo much traffic with it or maybe it come from the fact their system do not support forwarding a cloaker link that redirect to another website

So what’s the solution do i just have to change domain provider is there someone here that will help me change m’y loooong cloaker link name to a simple one like pizza. com or something like that ? Without getting this 502 error

Dude, I didn’t understand what you said. You cloaked is a 301 redirect?

Yes this is cloaking you redirect people to a new link and the bots will be directed to safe link

This is probably just some PHP code? You can try another webhost/server.

What do you mean by another webhost change godaddy to another one ? Because error is shown not on the cloaker link but on the website that url forward the cloaker link

You should really try to explain better what you do and what happens. I find it very difficult to understand what you write.

As a general rule: If something does not work… Try to change things and figure out what doesn’t work and why.

Testing something with a domain registered with another provider takes max 5 minutes. Trying another webhost takes 5 minutes.

This is the same as trying to fix a broken computer. Computer does not work ? Change the video card. Does the computer still not work ? It means that the video card was not the problem. So you change the hdd/ssd. Does the computer still not work ? It means that the hdd/ssd was not the problem. Continue with other parts till the computer works again.

I understand that you tell me i have to test instead of asking but i already tested without the domain name of godaddy (just simply with the long link cloaker) and people didn’t get any problem so here i know 99% that problem come from the domaim name just i asked why it happen why when i redirect the simple domain name to the cloaker and i get lot of clicks people get 502 network error and they have to refresh then it work

So i just wanna know if domain names allow this type of redirection does domain name can url forward a cloaker link ?

A redirection is no near cloaking

No i said
Website (redirect or url forward to)----A cloaker link

that’s it

A domain name by itself cannot redirect or forward anything.

Usually if you register a domain you can configure the DNS. That way you can point your domain to a webhost (IP) where you can host the files for your domain. Maybe Godaddy offers something to forward your domain to something else. But that is an extra Godaddy service.

If Godaddy gives errors try to point your domain to a webhost where you are allowed to upload your own files.

No bro it’s not a bonus from godaddy even freenom have it so…

Yes. And it that case it’s a bonus from freenom. This is not a standardised service that works the same at every domain registrar. Some have it, others not, and it can work different for every registrar.

So what you suggest me to do if i want to change a long cloaker link to a shorter one easy to remember like "yid .io " something like that ?

So you redirect -> cloak -> link? Or how?

dont use redirection on cloacking, sue php scrip on safe page -> filter visitors will see money page

Godaddy domain (urlforwarding to) —cloaker link