Big problem with unfollower lists

Super interesting no one has mentioned this here. Some Instagram accounts only show 200 followers at most. All unfollowing apps on the app store also show wrong lists right now. Incorrect unfollower lists everywhere… This does not happen to all instagram accounts, only half of the accounts have this problem. How do you find unfollowers right now?

I’m using Jarvee to export unfollowers.

Maybe there’s some calls limit for those apps. Scraping followers still works fine in Jarvee.

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It is not about jarvee I think. It is about the account. If you have this problem, you can’t even see your all followers list on Instagram app.

Other people also discussing this here:

I use this option on Jarvee and it works fine for my accounts i can get users that unfollowed my account

That sounds like a glitch. But I think it’s also possible that they will limit how many followers we can see on the app just like how they limit likers. Maybe they’re testing it on some accounts.

Does it always work? This happens to some accounts and I could not figure out what kind of accounts got affected.

yeah in my case I never had an issue with this option you can try on different accounts and see how it goes.

Interesting. All unfollow apps have this problem right now.