Big Question, Will instagram and other social media die and CPA with it?

I am curious will CPA die because someone posted “The next big thing after IG+CPA” and I dont want to waste my year and time if it is. I wanted to make a living doing this as I seen many make 500 a day doing CPA, Ill be happy with 100 a day.

You have alot of reading and expanding of idea’s to do. Think outside the box.
CPA can be done with anything if you’re good enough at it. Adnan’s been doing CPA for years, and he makes a decent side living off of casual cpa (if im not mistaken) with instagram and other sites, because hes put YEARS of time and effort into FINDING and figuring out the best methods. Thats how you see people bringing in 500 or 1000$ in a single day.
Maybe have a good read on this and then explore Adnan’s topics to learn more…

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did you read what I wrote? I said someone posted this topic saying what he will do when instagram and CPA dies.

It wont die for years at least 2 years, so i dont know what the big deal is lmao

Also, no need to be all snappy. Wasn’t trying to sound like a douche. CPA is just shit in my honest opinion and there’s many options out there. apologies if my first message came off sharp.

CPA will always be there, before IG, people were mostly promoting it on YouTube, they still promote these offers on FB and reddit (but not that much).

Instagram is currently most popular for CPA, it already lasts for couple of years, but if they ever manage to clean their platform, something else will pop out.

If you want some stable income, then you should start working on authority site, monetize it with adsense, promote it on every single social networking site and invest some of your time in SEO.

Alternatively, droppshiping is also good idea.

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yeah is reason I why I posted PPI VS CPA cause I see alot of it on youtube now

I was into droppshipping before and is alot of work and I am not in the US anymore so I have to do CPA for now or something. I hope I work hard and turn this to a steady income cause I do not see me getting a new job. Right now I do surveys at swagbucks. I make alt accounts and do tons of offers and surveys and is not that good in money.