Big update in 2-3 weeks

I assume most of you have seen that J are releasing an update in about 2 weeks that makes mouse movements look more realistic, and changing how the API works.

With daily tests being inconclusive, and the fear of getting an important account on another 7 day block, I think I will just wait it out until this update before any more automation.

Am I being too hopeful on one update?


I honestly think that that specific update isn’t going to magically change our situation :slightly_frowning_face: but let’s just hope for the best man :v:t2:


JV head office. What would your caption be?

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50 thousand people used to live here… now its a ghostown


Is it a joke?)

This is our expansion space for all the new developers we’re bringing on to address blocks and issues.

situation is not definitely easy.

but for us, 2 last weeks been fine with J performing as it should be (some accounts EB only some API)

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