Big wave of hashtag ban

Did anyone noticed that? Like most of the bikini and swimsuit hashtags are banned now. Maybe there are more but those are just the ones I noticed. Maybe check every check ALL the hashtags (especially if you manage model accounts) before using them so you don’t get shadow banned for accidentally use any of them.

Just some examples, there are a lot more of them

Ooops I don’t get any noticed (on PC)

On the other hand, IG has a true banned hashtag list

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looks fine now. maybe it was a glitch? Weird

this is a problem to use hashtags
I’m waiting for news

I had the same problem but with different Hashtags. The GF postet a picture on her personal IG and got 0 from Hashtags for the second time now… It was “#women” with banned posts. Totally stupid now I have to check her Hashtags every damn time -.-

The ones I noticed only lasted a couple hours so either a glitch or someone posted some inappropriate pictures using those hashtags and got reported and it took a while for IG to review and unbanned the hashtags. not sure