Biggest gambling scam?

Hello fellow entrepreneurs I wanted to see what your thoughts are on the following matter

A few points to make

  • Gambling in UK age requirement is 18
  • Gambling in US 18-21 (varies by state)

Today I was speaking with some gamers who are from the UK and under the age of 18 they were telling me how they play “wagers” (formal word for betting) over video games and the website they use doesn’t ask for any type of I.D verification or any type of verification.

The website in question is
I’m not sure where the company is based or registered however even if the company is based in Japan for example that doesn’t make it legal for it to bet in the UK.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, responses are much appreciated!

Thats just one site of many …

There are so many websites to bet or to gamble with CS:GO skins or other items on steam.
And many of them are such a scam, just google the story with PhantomLord :smiley:



I have heard of the CS:GO ones but to my understanding they gamble their in game items and then with their winnings they can sell it to other users.

What I would like to know is what UMG is doing is it legal if so how.

Thanks for your response