Bio Links vs @ shoutout?

Hi guys,

I have a few slaves running and wanted to add the @mainaccount into the bio.
However, on my test only 1/3 bio can link back, the other 2/3 is not clickable.

Do you know why that is? Many thanks

I assume this is not the Bio Link? This seems to be more of the URL/Bitly stuff.

We have tested using Jarvee’s Mention tool to mention 4 accounts in the bio and all those users were linked correctly to the respective accounts. With the 2nd and 3rd links you are using, are you still mentioning other IG users or just posting a link that redirects to somewhere else? Are the links you adding there still existing?


Thanks for the reply. Literally just doing this on all 3 accounts:
Thank you to @mainaccount or Support our friends @mainaccount

1 account works fine, 2 others are unclickable

IG might do something like that, does all the accounts work from the same IP? they have a lot in common?

I found that 100% of the time links in bio are clickable when using an original app and with Browser it’s a 50/50 thing for me.
Maybe it depends on trust score and the app grants more trust

Is that via Browser or via phone? I’ve noticed that it’s working better via the Phone App.