Bitcoin Bull Run 2019-2021?

Invested in June 2017, Sold in Jan 2019… I hope you have success with it, but icbf with crypto anymore


Crypto is the future. Near future and Long term future.

Don’t be that guy who didn’t buy bitcoin or XRP 50 years from now when our grandchildren are only using crypto.

Yall know how long 50 years is?!!?!

I’m a fan of investing, however Bitcoin always made me think of it as being a little dodgy.

It was always around prior before it went viral, however it is to convenient to think how it is operating. The market is open 24/7 making it very volatile and above all it really doesn’t have a value as it is not regulated. It is not physical, so technically it does not exist which backs my having no value claim. Also, it cannot be traced which can be a double edged sword depending on your intentions.

As far as I’m aware, we do not know where the inventor of bitcoin is, just his name. I’m not saying to bust out your tinfoil hat, however it has made someone out there billions of dollars. How does that not allow some sort of regulation to be in place? Literally it is free money flying underneath the radar.

My 2c.

just hodl haha

Yep, this prediction was right.

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Welcome to the club of millionaires :smiley:

Don’t spend it all at once :sweat_smile:

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