Bitcoin Bull Run 2019-2021?

Bitcoin is having some interesting price action recently. Some people are saying with the rewards halving in 2020 that there’s a good chance that this is the start of another bull run (before/after every mining rewards halving in the past, there was a bull run).

What are your thoughts? Is this the start of another bull run or no?

  • Bull run 2019-2021
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Personally, I think there’s a good chance of another bull run in the next 2 years. I’ve been watching Bitcoin since 2013. I was actually very bearish throughout the 2017 bubble and sold my BTC very early on, but I’ve come to realize that the market is dominated by patterns. One of them being the occasional bitcoin rewards halving and the cycles of booms and busts.

Here’s a graph of the 2013 Bitcoin bull run, the lowest price point being about a year after the peak:

Here’s a graph of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run to present (past two years), the lowest price being about a year after the peak:


We’re going to see phenomenal growth here in the next 10 weeks!

Have any of you guys purchased hashing power?


I had to pay a $5 fine on a $3 deal. I pray taht this does not continue

What do you mean? On a BTC trade?

I think you’re referring to the transaction fee.

Personally, I see Bitcoin as digital gold with sometimes high transaction fees.

Monero as a great private day-to-day currency to use with low transaction fees.

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Yes. I spent more on the fee rather than the actual transaction

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Personally I am here for the long term as far as bitcoin goes (bought it back when it was at around $200) I think there will be a bull run probably by the end of 2019 or beginning 2020 and then it will drop all over again which could be a good point to buy :slight_smile:


Can someone just please tell me when I should buy lol

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Everyone is going to say NOW is the right time to buy and it’s only true 50 percent of the time.

Look at the graphs I linked above. If you can read and understand them, you know when’s the right time to buy


So your saying we have already passed peak price if last year is anything to go by?


Don’t transfer small amounts of BTC for sure. You’d be better off trading and transacting with TRX as the transaction fee is only 1 TRX ($0.03).

Not necessarily. I mean nobody can predict the future, but one of the main reasons for the crash last time was because the network got so congested that it was taking upwards of 2 months estimated time to have BTC transferred to your wallet.

They’ve done a ton of updates to the network and it is able to handle thousands of transactions per second. With a robust system update, and a big need for decentralized currency, I personally think that BTC will grow to be quite valuable.

We are more or less looking at a BTC ‘flash sale’. We will see continuous growth over the next years to come, with ups and downs of course. However the gap between spending cash at the store and spending crypto at the store is closing, I already have a couple BTC ATMs in my city.

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It could be a B wave we can see more correction in the next weeks month bottom then start a new cycle of bull run

Check out this video. Covers exactly what you are speaking of. This was filmed and broadcasted today.

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nope, he‘s doing technical analysis or tries to, it‘s bullshit.

We are flying up: D Stop 14k $ then correction

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I’d rather put my money on black than try and swing bitcoin.

I was the same exact way and a mega-bear during the 2017 cycle (sold at $2k and derided my friends who were investing). But if you just look at the graphs of bubbles/bull runs, they always repeat themselves close to the bitcoin block rewards halving