Bite-sized Guide I: A Beginner’s How-to Guide on Scraping IG User Information

If you are looking for a simple guide on how to scrape information about your leads on Instagram, you came to the right place.

While not all automators have the same goal of why they extract user information from Instagram, one reason for this is to know more about one’s competitor’s followers who might become your next potential big clients too.

This technique will also get you a good grasp of what type of people are the biggest market of your profile’s niche. Hence, this way, you’ll know who to target and how to do it right. Or simply, people scrape data to sell this to people who don’t know how to scrape by themselves. So, why do you need to pay other people to do the job when you can learn how to do it in a few minutes?

Learn how to make use of Jarvee’s Scrape Tools for your scraping projects and know what are the dos and don’ts to observe.

1. Connect IG scrapers to Jarvee which you can afford to lose as scraping using the profiles might get it disabled.

In our case, we decided to buy cheap IG accounts as we know what we connected is meant to get burned in the long run. Good news! You can purchase scrapers for as low as $0.16 per piece. You may check our Automation Resources section for more information about the suppliers we recommend.

2. Decide which IG account you would like to get followers from and extract info.

Look for your competitor’s IG usernames and begin extracting their followers here.

3. Start scraping the followers/followings of your chosen IG profile.

We highly recommend doing this one gradually. Test the waters first by scraping 100 followers/followings as a starting point. After getting results, you can slowly increase the number of users you want to extract.

In the example, we tried extracting 5 users only so it will be done faster and we can give you concrete samples and results.

4. Make sure to check the box for “scrape additional user details”.

As you can see in the example below, we utilized the filter by number of followers/followings. You can do the same as this will help you filter out the followers/followings who are inactive or might just be bots.

5. Wait for the extracted information. You will be notified in the Jarvee dashboard and via the computer’s download section once it is ready.

We hope this bite-sized how-to guide has been of help to you. Please note that this is only for beginners and if you have more advanced techniques, we are more than happy to accept new insights.

Happy scraping, everyone!


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