Bizarre problem with IG

I don’t use any automation. I don’t follow that many people daily. Certainly not more than 30. I’ve had this account for years and, for the most part, without any problems. Now since last month i’ve been getting hit consistently with “suspicious activity detected” warnings that force me to change my password. It sends me a code through email and i have to confirm it. It says it’s to make sure the account is really mine.

After that, i always get an action block on the mobile app(but not on the browser). The block seems like a bug, since it doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I click on a profile and the warning about the block appears. It lasts one day, but, like i said, it just tells me the action was blocked, but nothing is really blocked. It appears everytime i visit a profile, but i can still follow and DM them.

I’ve activated 2af autentication, but it changes nothing. Just got another block and had to change my passwords again.

Now, i don’t think my account was hacked at all. I just think that for some reason there must be a red flag on my account. Maybe someone reported me for something. I don’t know.

I’ve spent the last two days without following anyone. Today i followed 25 people and was hit again. So i’m pretty sure this has to do with me following people, even though i don’t follow that many.

So, is my account compromised forever, or is this just a bug that may go away? I’ve used my account this same very way for years with no problems.

that’s wired, I mean having an action blocked but without any blocks at all, can you re-login to the account or re-install the app altogether and see, also, do you access that account from different devices?

I’ve done all that, nothing changes.

I actually do use it from two devices: the cellphone and the computer. And i use it pretty much at the same time. I might be having a conversation through the browser and browsing photos through the mobile app. But this is something i’ve done for years.

The action blog only appears on mobile, not on the web. If i’m seeing a list of profiles, either on my feed or someone else’s following list and click on the profile, as soon as i enter the profile the action block appears, telling me that based on the way i use this action the action has been blocked. But it doesn’t stop me from following or messaging people. It seems it’s trying to. Maybe that’s the goal.

Just delete the app and install it again, it worked for me