Blackhat SEO TOOL or automation in SEO

i am looking for a tool that can automate the SEO part of my site, i dont care if google finds it out,
Please share the link or keyword where can i get a good tool

Thank you

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What exactly would you like the tool to do? Create backlinks?

If that’s what you want then check GSA search engine ranker
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Using GSA SER is a double-edged sword, it can make or break your site. There’s a learning curve to use this tool. Youtube tutorials + test sites.

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But as Jarzer said, pay attention, you can destroy your position if you don’t know what you are doing.


Once, I go for this. But didn’t know how this f**k really works. That’s why I stopped working with that. But I read a lot of review about this and found that it is really helpful in SEO.

Yeah, tools are pretty difficult to start with. I bought a copy if GSA Search Engine ranker but never really used it, just tried it couple of times.

I’d never suggest to use this on your money site, especially if you’re just starting. Manually created backlinks will work better. Then you can blast tier 1 or tier 2 sites with GSA links.

It is an excellent tool. But the learning curve is high as you said. One must be very careful when using tools like this.

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This isn’t a Black Hat SEO Tool, but a SEO Tool to track/monitor your SEO effectiveness regardless of your method [not my site]: Seo Tools for Excel . Only for Excel on Windows. Basic tool is free, pro license is 89EUR per computer per year.

If you want to test out SEO tools you can rent a VPS with SENuke already on it. Very easy to setup, very hard to learn as others have stated. It would be best to start out with regular SEO and master that before even attempting anything using BH software.

When you use SEO automation, you reduce the amount of manual work you need to do for your campaign and it can help you speed up tedious tasks.
Top SEO automation Tools :

  • SE Ranking
  • Traffic Booster
  • YourAmigo