Blacklist Keywords For Instagram Automation

Hi, Im setting up Instagram automation for follower growth.

Im trying to set up a list of Blacklist keywords to use. Im thinking to blacklist, gore, violence, porn, or similiar subjects. Does anyone have a list that is working for them? And are willing to share?

Start with basic stuff as always. Not all accounts can use the same blacklist (basic yes) but set up and do some research for the most important things for your account. Check hashtags(try not sure how it works but maybe it can help), accounts you don’t want to see. Keywords also. you need like a few hours of research to be fully prepared. Not saying that premade good blacklist cant be used. But I always prefer research over shortcuts.

this can help

I understand. Because I’m going to be running automation for up to 30 client instagram accounts (mostly influencers), I’m planning to run likes, story views and follow/unfollow. It seems a little slow to try and customise the blacklist individually. And I’m afraid I might miss out stuff. How would you advise I go about this? My main goal is just to prevent these posts/accounts to be targetted by my automation.

Basic blacklist is ok for every account. Hashtag verse. But you will still have to edit some stuff manually. Let’s say you blacklist #love and the biggest influencer in your niche post something like: “Showing some #love to my fans and friends.” Instantly your blacklist is triggered and skip that post. Its gonna be hard but look. You set it up once and save it. You have it for a lifetime. Different niche different problems. I hate even imagine how frustrating it will be to set it for 30+ ppl. but you have to do it if you wanna bring value to your customers. Simple as that.

Check this :

Its baned hashtags but can get you started from somewhere. You can learn which hashtags to avoid. If someone shares a blacklist with you it’s going to be a big help. But in the end everything comes to you and your setup.
I hope any of these that I’m writing will help you. And if you have more questions please just ask. We have a saying in our country: “The one who asks, don’t wander too much”

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