BlazingSeo(Proxy service) charged me for no reason?

Hey folks, i was posting this paragraph as a ticket 3 times on BlazingSeo support and 2 days left without any response…

On September 04 i upgraded my plan from 20 proxies to 40 and paid 39.20$ for it
Then on September 15 i got charged on paypal for 46.40$!!!
Why the hell did you charge me that amount of money?!
I attached a screenshot of my Lastest Paypal Transactions.

  • On July 16 i got charged for 24$.
  • On August 08(Less than a month) i got charged for 24$ again which the amount is ok but i got charged less than a month, and you suppose to charge me every month…
  • On September 04 i got charged for 39.20$ which is also fine cause i upgraded my plan to 40 proxies.
  • On September 15(11 days later lol) i got charged for 46.40$.
  1. I’m getting charged not every 1 month, less than it.
  2. last charge you charged me 11 days later the previous charge! and also charged me more than i suppose to pay lol


I’m asking myself if they’re deliberately ignoring me or something happen…?
What’s your conspiracy and what you suggest me to do? should i open a refund request on Paypal?

Just report it and make a chargeback

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I’m afraid that by reporting them they will take away all my proxies that i’m already using :frowning:
What do you think my friend?

You want to stick at a supplier that doesnt answers your ticket about money?

If they do that, switch supplier. You will be ok.

Chaning my proxies on my IG accounts may cause me MASSIVE ban
and actually to be honest this is the first time they are not answering my tickets… still wondring what should i do

Misses the dates… they got weekend too…

Sorry but i didn’t get what you siad, English is not my main language
Just submited another ticket saying that some of my proxies are not working for me and asking them to check them out(a topic that doesn’t related to my charging problem).
If they will respond, i will reply the, a message with a link to the charging ticket and let them know that if they won’t respond to me in the next 12-24 hours i will report them on Paypal :slight_smile:
What do you think?

Wait until working days, maybe they got holiday or something fun with you money. :wink:

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You sent them a message after or on 15 sept. After that its weekend. So its normal they dont react during weekends.

There’s no hurry in opening a dispute in PayPal, wait for 5 - 7 days and if they don’t answer then you can open a dispute.

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