Bleeding Followers For 2 months

Hello, i am having a big problem. I have an 60k ig account which has been shadowbanned for 2 months. First days of november i somehow managed to remove the shadowban and went back to posting regularly looking forward to regain my normal impressions. I have been loosing 1 - 1.5 k followers and i thought no big deal i could regain them easily the next month. The problem is that my account keeps gaining and loosing followers every day. I At the first weeks i thought instagram was purging inactive users and that was okay for me, but this keeps going for 2 months. What can cause this this ? Appreciate your help thanks

I am the same… losing engagement too :neutral_face:

We all bleed followers :slightly_smiling_face: The thing is that you should be able to gain more, to overcome this issue !

The more you gonna have, the more you’ll be unfollowed. Statistics

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During an year that i have been growing this account i have never had such an issue, loosing 30-40 or even 50 followers a day is not normal. I do gain daily as you can see but the loss is bigger.

Well, it’s because before your account had more success than nowadays, i guess that’s why. Many accounts are growing thousands every day, and still, i’m sure they got more than 50+ unfollows per day,

Your only concern now is to gain more than you lose.

Nowadays, many, many, many influencers and even big pages lose ton of followers. That’s right, but there aren’t 10000 solutions.

Grow more !

Every page has a daily norm of unfollows – expect that as part of business. Say the average is 40 to 60 a day – thats the baseline and work from there.


You can’t stop the bleeding, you’re supposed to outgrow it.


I know i have been doing this for a year but it has not been like this, i mean i could loose 5-10 unfollows a day and gain 200-300 before September.

I still gain followers and likes from viral posts from august and september 2019. The posts i have been doing after the shadowban are with very low engagement. My engagement (60k Followers) used to be 130-150% + and now 3-4 %. I have selected new sources, done hashtag research, using spinned captions combined with originals, also liking my followings and followers posts or comments in my posts, posting stories sometimes polls also (but very hard with JV story layout options). What else am i missing ? Any good suggestion would be appreciated.

I was planning to go heavy on stories and polls but i am having trouble editing them. Is there any light weight softwarefor PC i could use to edit videos with put some IG stickers in it so when i go to JV i upload them in bulk and only put the poll ?

Thanks in advance

a fatal mistake thinking this type of ER can continue, they NEVER do as your post eventually will stop getting super explore friendly. 3-4 percent is very good for 60k.


Agree with you. I am getting 2-3% with 57k followers. Posting viral stuff never meant your Engagement will remain same. It varies. @ext1508

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You probably posted a not so explore friendly post, which halved your ER.


4% is actually average for a following of 60K

100-150% is Insane as an average ER.

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But Synch! I would be interested in how you do your Hashtag Research. If you would like to share

Nowadays you’re better off doing it naturally, then doing it in a way that makes the algorithm think you’re trying to manipulate it for exposure, which ends up hurting you.


Yeah it may vary but this is so drastic.

Believe it or not this is one of the reasons that is driving me nuts , it is not that my engagement peaked 100-150% at one or 2 posts or for a couple of weeks or a month it has been like that ranging from 100-150 and even 190 % from january 2019 to september.

This happened right after the shadowban which lasted nearly 2 months. I have checked every single hashtag manually in the goddamn explore feed if it was banned or not,i know that the services you find around for banned hashtags are not reliable. And i have done an extensive research of hashtags via JV, i post randomly 17-20 tags/post. Mixed hashtags, a few top ones combined with smaller ones.

I filter all content that i repost by engagement (130% or more), yeah sometimes happens to post crap to everyone especially when you have 4-5 accounts or more to take care of. But it never hurt so much, could recover easily in a matter of days.

I use Spinned captions combined with original post captions. Spinned CTA to like and save also my post.

If this is not natural then, you say i should go back to my phone ?

This is actually very interesting because I had a 50K motorbike page that was completely dead: 500 likes per post. About 4 months ago I made 3 killer hashtag sets with 30 hashtags in each set. Instantly when I started using them the page picked up traction and it started making everything going viral. The page now has over 100K followers and I’m still using the same hashtag sets, rotating between the 3 each post.

From personal experience using 30 hashtags is fine as long as you have several sets that you can switch about though every post. Or find 100+ mixed size niche hashtags and get a generator to pick 30 and use those (a pool of hashtags).

I’ve only ever encountered shadowbans from hashtag use when using a repeated list of 30 for every single post and not mixing them up each post.

Everyone will have different experiences and sometimes I have pages that’ll gain more traction from explore when I don’t use hashtags at all. My theory is that it really just varies account to account, niche to niche, and content to content.

That chart is a few years old when ER was higher. its way out of date – reduce 1-2 points off it and its the reflection today.


How did you gather these?

Okay maybe i did not express so clearly, i use a random number of hashtags from 17-20, each post doesn´t get always 20 hashtags but sometimes 17,18,19,20 randomly.

As for the hashtag types as i explained above, everything in percentual 20-25% big hashtags, 30% smaller ones and so on the pool contains 120 hashtags. I think this is the most natural way someone can post and use hashtags.

I do not see how can this trigger any flag or look spammy, correct me if i am wrong.
But meanwhile i see other competitor pages using every single post the same hashtag and killing it. Wtf

The only thing i have changed since i removed the shadowban is that i am putting hashtags in first comment.

I use tools that scrape hashtags + the amount of posts then auto order them by size in Excel and pick from there.