Block Wave Test Modification

Are those accounts running on DC using eb or api?

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Sorry guys I could not answer because I’m new on the forum and I had sent a lot of messages for a first day, I forgot the warm up like on insta :joy:

If you do not know how to code do not try because it’s really complicated, for me who has a good base in development I just wanted to make a test follow and unfollow and it took me 5 hours to write a little code for a test. To be able to make a software like Jarvee alone it will take me months and that just for the interface of an Iphone X, all the telephones does not present instagram of the same way there is always small suptilites.
So the work is huge for Jarvee that’s why they take so much time. All people who use the API understand that instagram knows directly that you are using automation tool.

I used software in image recognition to click on follow and scroller so I do not use the api of instagram. But you know what ? the next day my bot was not working anymore simply because instagram changes every X time a small pixel on these pages not visible to the eye to avoid the bots. I had to take the image one by one and the bot to work again, I could do 120 follow and 109 unfollow without being blocked.
I think it is necessary to integrate machine learning with the scrypt if not it makes all the time make updates. This work can only be done by a developer but an army of developer.

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800 a day, dammn, yes i also think there is problem with api most def

You are able to follow using your phone because the trustscore of running Instagram through app is good. Outside the app is bad.

Mp devices are litterally simulating the app though

But it didnt simulate the app of Facebook !

Inside the app there is something that tells IG that everything is fine.

anybody tried changing to iPhone X user agent and has some results yet?

this thread was posted over a week ago! super excited to hear! (99% of our clients happen to have iPhone X)