Block Wave Test Modification

Why does not anyone ask the question why using his cell phone he has no block and using the bots everything is blocked?

I do not know why every day everyone is talking about 4G proxy !!
I’m not saying it’s not important but the recent block has nothing to do with it.

To imitate perfectly a mobile phone it takes 2 things.

  1. 4G Proxy
  2. You must change your USER AGENT

Before developing on the subject I want to specify that I use Instapy, codes are open source on github for developer, this software works exactly like Jarvee.
Like everyone else, I had a lot of slaves stuck with the recent instagram changes.

I then modified some codes in my browser to imitate an iphone X:

User agent for Iphone X:
Mozilla / 5.0 (iPhone; Apple iPhone OS 11_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit / 604.1.34 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version / 11.0 Mobile / 15A5341f Safari / 604.1

If you want to know your user agent:

However Instapy did not work any more because just like JV it is made to work on a computer with python and not for an iphone x.
So my browser shows me IG as if I was on an iphone X.

To continue my test I wrote a small scrypt to be able to send 50 follows in 120 minutes with a proxy 4G.

It works without any problems yesterday 50 follows, today 70 follows and 50 unfollows.

I think Jarvee is currently working on the user agent.


Here is my user agent before blocking:

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My acc got compromised mess on my iphone today, not botting for 4 months now. Did manually follow through app.

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are you serious? How many follows a day?

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70 my last test.

What you say is crazy … if it is true the problem comes from instagram, what I say is just a hypothesis according to the test that I made.

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I only followed 100 the night before but i was in a hotel room and not in my normal wifi

Yes, this is definitely part of the problem!!! It’s not just proxies, it also has got something to do with the API or software or user agent whatever. So many of us (me included) can not follow on the bot but have no problem following on our phones.

I’ll pm you with a question.

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Not necessarily. Just because someone hasn’t ‘botted’ for months doesn’t mean there isn’t still a footprint there that IG may take into account. Everything done leaves a footprint no matter if it was 5 years ago or today.


!!! What I’m saying! I’m pretty sure MP is not using instagrams api, from what I read it’s just simulating actions on the instagram app via the android device MP emulates. I think we just need an updated User agent! I am currently following 800+ a day per account on DC proxies with close to 0 actions blocks shit crazy!


Damn, that is really good.

Accounts are dropping like flies today and yesterday getting compromised messages.
Using Residential proxies and under 50 follows a day, and under 15 likes so not sure wtf is happening… I recently hired on a team I feel like seems like they know what they are doing but they aren’t using story viewer to warm up accounts or comment likes and just going straight into 5-50 follows a day out of the gates and liking… I am completely lost on what the the hell to do anymore. Hoping MP updates their system.


Yes, I agree. We definitely need an User agent update. Congrats on still being able to use DC proxies. They are not working for me at all.

I’m using DC proxies as well, residential. supposed to be pretty good but got almost 10 compromised messages today.

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Yes, I have not used DC proxies in months. Although there a couple of people on this forum that are still using DC proxies with success, but the majority of people are no longer using them

I hate it when I’m the last to the party and nobody is there ha. So you’re using mobile proxies? I’ve heard that you can use them on troubled accounts to get out of the woods then switch it to them but haven’t tried yet. What are you doing?

I only using mobile and they have worked better for me than DC, but now I am experiencing massive amounts of temporary blocks.
To be honest, it seems no one really knows how to solve all these problems that began occurring at the end of June. Some people are having success, but it seems like the vast majority of us are still having a lot of problems and no one can fix them. I have asked no less then 30-40 experienced JV users and there just does not seem to be a cure all solution.
Unless JV will issue some type of incredible update in the next month or some genius guru on this board can share his fix, all you can do is keep researching and testing.
That’s what everyone says.
It’s really extremely time consuming and disheartening and I am looking more into ad management as a back-up or full transition.

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That’s quite a cool idea man. Keep us updated! Could I help test your script?

Please keep us informed, I’m curious about that

Still having part of my clients on DC. Far less compromised messages when using DC instead of mob proxys.