Blocked DM by Recipient = Forever Block?

I’m trying to DM a user on Instagram (we both follow each other) but every time I try to start a message, I get an error message saying “Can’t create thread”. I don’t think my account is generally blocked from performing actions because I can still post and create DMs for other users. I also tried doing the same from another account to the same user and that works just fine.

Is it possible that it’s either 1) a bug or 2) the user may have blocked a DM (by accident) I tried sending them a while back and because of that, I am no longer able to contact them? Just checking if someone else had experienced something similar. Also, this is directly on the Instagram app, so there shouldn’t really be any blocks.

It could also happen that it’s some current glitch on IG side. Are you able to send messages to any other user or you get this message when contacting any user?

It may be a glitch. I can send messages to other users but had the same problem with another two users. I’ll just have to wait and see if it sorts itself out.