Blocked from following (like and unfollow works)

I have 2 accounts I used to follow after story view, now both are follow blocked (like reached the limit…)

it looks like the 6000 block, But one only followed 300 in 30 days.


before giving out conclusions, you have to figure out if it’s a proxy level or account level block. Both accounts are running under the same connection/proxy? have you set nightmodes for them?

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they are blocked also at the user’s phone so that is annoying. I used to follow 1000 a day with the technique I noted above and IG haven’t block it, but now they are punishing?

I am using mobile with automation with that technique yet the same happened, so I think the problem is on the IG side


Today was a bad day, most of my accounts were hit with 508, even some of the ones running smoothly in the previous weeks. Lets see how they work tomorrow. I just stopped the tool to let them breath. Cleaning cookies, reset id did not work as it worked before

have you taken your time to read through the forum?

Same, so many 508 blocks.

i read everyday, solutions applied til now was log out/in, cleaning cookies, reset id, suspend the tool, changing proxies. It worked before, but i see it is not same effective. Is there any new recomendation that I did not reach?

Check out the other topic about the possibility that it might be due to mulitple location logins (somoeone seemed to see the same trend happen). It’s still guessing though. Like the suspicious login emails you get but this time they actually impose a temp block cause of it. @goss


Thanks, i will look for it.

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