Blocked on App not on browser?

So another installment of my block issues on IG.
Primary account.
I gave it 3 days no activity.
I have not added anyone else.
Removed 6 people.
Ran an ad for work stuff.

Everything was working great. Normal acitivity. Got a bit of good response from the ad. Enough so I cancelled the 3 day ad early in 2 days since responses will keep me busy a while.

I liked 5 photos anddddd blocked again.

Only on app tho and can use it normally on firefox or brave browser.

I still have pictures to post daily (photographer). And it lets me do that. But thinking back how some of you were saying total actions monthly, is it safe to keep posting thru browser?

Im no longer adding people or removing anyone fast. Im not sure what verification would be done if im locked from account. It links to my website and username is exact as my domain name so I want to keep it.

getting blocked just on the App and not the browser is very common these days, how many actions you are able to do per month?