Blocking on IG accounds

hello everyone

thanks for you recent help, that really worked for me thank you soo much all again who replied.

the number of account with issues of accounts blocking is reduced down now with your help mates

but can anyone knows how to overcome this problem on ig ?

" Thanks for Providing Your Info

We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to access your account within approximately 24 hours"

or if you can see the attached screenshot below


Seeing this more and more myself, Im looking for advice/help too :sleepy:

Open your accounts from time to time on your local ip address and invest and buy local sim cards and do the pv using your local sim cards on your Local ip then you will stop having this issue. 1 sim car can be used 2 times per week to received the verification code.

hi brother joseph

bro, i had already tried this too but now its not working, can you suggest me something else then this bro ?

Even that seems to not work aswell. Used to work 90% of the time. Now its so much less. Duno why

You need a new batch of physical sim cards each 3-4 months, if you use the same ones for a long time they will get flagged eventually and give this 24h, plus when doing the pv, you must do it on the local ip same geo location as the sim card and not when the account is on another ip/proxy, that’s how it works for me.

Do you have 100% success?

Ive only had 4 captcha in about 6 months and all hit the 24hr. Used new sims on my own 4G networks which haven’t been spammed. Still died.

It works on TL, PV etc but not captcha. It used to a few weeks ago when I did them for scrapers. But now doesn’t seem too.

So far yes, i have almost a100% success doing pv especially since i started investing and buying a batch of local sim cards, and rarely i lose accounts like maybe 1 or 2 each 3 months, i’m not using the scrapers for growth purpose, i use them for scraping emails and data, and i have a couple hundreds of 3 years old ev handmade accounts, i make them rest after doing a scraping job, so they are no working everyday, maybe once a week depending on my schdule and orders, but each time the scraping start, i get “change your password” or “change password + pv” or “captcha + pv” and lately i’ve been getting a lot of captcha more than usual, but the pvs are going well with the local up and sim cards.

well if you’re sure that it will work with local cards, then lemme have a try with your way, buying a batch, then i’ll try it today again

lets see if it works or not

thanks allot

I’m getting these early blocks too. Have you fixed it?

Yeah depends on the accounts. I don’t get captcha on my older slaves. Only new ones and using brand new sims and actual 4g phone proxy doesn’t fix them. They die.

HI @ubeats

Hi @heroeslair and @Welsh_Magic, you can try this bro

yeah i fixed it with another way with virtual numbers bcz i couldn’t arranged many sim cards

i’ll tell you how i did it.

i bought some 3 months old Russian accounts, created with email, not PV Accounts,

I set those accounts on jarvee using Russian proxy and perform some slow actions on them till they asked for PV
then i verified those accounts using 5sim service with Russian numbers and done it

and now my accounts are working fine
hope it will help you too bro

have a good day

if you wanna ask something else, lemme know, i would love to help you if I can

good bye


Those PV killing me, one of my accounts had this 3 times in like 5 days, I’m manual only, just reposting. I got the account back every time after I appealed after the ban, but now when I appeal they won’t even send me a mail back… 90k acc…

try this method @Matta28

it helped me allot

hope will do yours too

I’m not using automation tools atm

Yeah I think that strategy works because the accounts are created on the same country as they are grown on. So better trust level.

I create mine on NZ sims and NZ proxies but then put on different country proxies as its cheaper. I try bring back to NZ proxy for captcha and it always gets disabled. Phone verifications are allgood, captcha isnt.

One rather simple workaround for this issue would be to set up the accounts using real mobile devices, with real sim cards (just in case if anything goes wrong), 4G proxies and setting up remote access to these accounts in case if you or anyone else have to access it from a different location. IP changes for accounts are classified to social media platforms as a severe form of violation, which they see as a potential hacking opportunity, triggering locks. The algorithms are just getting more strict by the day so better be careful.