Blocking Users - how many can i do per day?

mabe in a certain time.

I checked accounts with just one post too because i thought of that.

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I remove about 260 per day while doing follow / unfollow, without any problem. Also keep in mind I use the option “remove” instead of block users.

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Hey! Putting my imput here, I did this recently and it had a bad effect, I dropped from 10k to 3k, those 3k were all the people who engage with my content. Did not help engagement at all.

I only removed ghost followers from one account about 3 years, never did again for ER, I will only block to remove pending follows of privates still left. I did 800 a day. However I stopped the f/u two days before. Once the pendings areclear of pending requests, I started back to f/u next day.

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go gradual.

I’ve seen ER increase with the accounts I’ve done it with :slight_smile:


Keep it at 100 per day and increase it by 20% every few days or so.

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Is there a difference between using the remove option rather than the blocking option?
Do you unblock the people after a few days?

Would it affect ER if I removed lets say 10k within a week or so? I mean will ER drop? Does anyone have experience in this?

I removed 2k some time ago and seemed that engagement went up a little but nothing significant.

Mathematically will increase ER but if you abuse, will increase the chance of shadowban also I’ve noticed that this triggers some follow/like/DM blocks along the way so I won’t go hardcore with this tool

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What is the technical difference between the remove tool and the block tool?
Can I do a similar thing manually as well?