Blocks all of a sudden... whats going on?

Hey guys!

Does anyone know if JV or Instagram have changed something?
I was on 1-month free block… and now pretty much all my accounts have action blocks…
I am using a 4g mobile proxy and haven’t changed anything.

Was using a mass story watching program, but that went south, so not using it anymore until they fix the issue…

can anyone shed any light on this? <3


You might wanna stick to this thread


I dont have access to it :sob::sob::sob::sob:

There was an api change. So api is broken now for a lot of actions

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so now we can only wait for Jarvee team to update its software… ?

I’m afraid so yes if you want to use api

even on EB the quantity of blocks increased highly in the last few days

i read they changed some api lately but im not sure

Well it is moved to lvl2 now that thread. It wasn’t when I introduced you to it. But no worries information will drip down to lvl1 too. It has always done


what is the most important information to drip down at the moment? :slight_smile:

Honestly nothing noticeable yet. Not many specific inputs are made since it was put to lvl2. Remember for your own sake, this is just a reminder to all lvl1 people. DO NOT MENTION ANY SOFTWARE NAMES. You risk a thread being moved to lvl2 due to that. Yet the one I mentioned earlier isn’t moved due to that. But it is just a head up for you all. I have been where you guys are, and it is damn frustrating when someone doesn’t follow the rules and then a useful threads is moved due to that. Also when a thread starts containing valuable info, it will be moved to lvl2. It is ONLY to avoid these informations being leaked. But as mentioned before, do not worry, sooner or later information will drip down to all. And yea maybe you are thinking sooner or later means months later? The answere is NO :slightly_smiling_face: It happens sooner than that usually.


what are you doing this for? why can’t other people have information?

Seems like masslooking softwares were all hit, for me only accounts doing under 100k per day were fine. All the others got AC message. Now building up from 10k , let’s see when they get blocked again.


accounts with a blue mark work without problems. Other 10 to 50k views and password reset

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It’s not a policy I have chosen. I am a member of this forum like anyone else. But the reason seems fair. Lvl1 is open to any and everyone. Now imagen iffff IG had people looking here, how easy would that not be to close down all the small still existing options to do automation, just by reading it being revealed openly in lvl1 here. Another thing is that we got people from other forums looking here too. Now solutions are meant to be shared, but I do understand that this forum wants it’s own people to benefit from solutions before everyone else. And specially those who daily contribute with their knowledge here. For guess what, solutions leaked from lvl1 is directly leeched by other forums and if IG doesn’t find information here, they will find it on other forums.

Treasures, and did anyone of you check the applications on your phone to observe?
If you do 200 a day, do you have blockades?

Tbh, I don’t know what makes ppl think IG doesn’t have access to lvl2, and lvl3…? Look at the track record of the software, do you really think they haven’t been infiltrated those levels from years ago? Let’s be real.


They don’t really need access to lvl2 or lvl3. Cause as said information will sooner or later reach lvl1. And once it’s here info can and will spread not only to IG but also other forums.

But the issue isn’t only that. It is not only on this forum, but also other forums, which I can’t reveal any names of. It is a fact that people who tend to spend more time and contribute to the community slowly climb the hierarchy. Which is by all mean fair.
Now lvl2 and lvl3 isn’t only about reading advanced follow and unfollow settings, but rather a close sector for those who like to put time and effort into this page.
Maybe what you say is true and IG might have people on every level in here. But still narrowing it down to only a couple of people on different levels here tends to slow things down, rather than revealing it to the entire public.
I mean we are testing and testing here to find different options, and that is valuable information to share with a simple google search for anyone out there. And guess what happens when everyone using automation software start using the same settings all looking alike. It leaves a huge pattern for IG to spot easily.



Don’t get me wrong… I agree completely regarding certain information being restricted to different levels.

But I’ve also been in the internet marketing scene for well over a decade and know that these companies have people that sole job is to seek this information.

And yes, this happens on all prominent internet marketing forums… there names aren’t really a secret, nor are their hidden forums. You wanna know where information gets released, shared and doesn’t end up in the public? Private groups. In private, I mean one that’s limited to select people and not open door policy for everyone.

Plotwist Klique works for IG

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